Basic Search Guidelines & Tips

NSN searching

We have made searching our inventory fast and easy from anywhere on our site. On the top right of every page, the Part Search box will appear. Simply enter your 13 digit NSN number or the 9 digit NIIN -- punctuation (dashes) is not necessary, although they can be entered.

All NSN part numbers are stripped of special characters.

Manufacturing Part Number searching

Due to the number of line items in our inventory database, we require at least four (4) alpha-numeric characters to be entered. All Manufacturing part numbers are stripped of special characters.


Our Advanced Search employs a sophisticated "drill down" approach. Enter as much initial information as you have available. Submit the search, and then "drill down" by selecting part characteristics and specific characteristic values to help you accurately specify the part number you need.

With the Advanced Search, a minimum set of information must be supplied to start the searching process (simply following the on-screen prompts).

Additional Search Tips

How do I limit the number of results returned?

The more specific you are about your part, the more accurately matched the results will be. For instance, if you only enter the first four characters of your part number, your results will probably include many undesirable variations of the part. If you extend your search criteria to the first six (6) characters, or even the entire part number, your results will be much more exact.

My search is not returning any results. What do I do now?

If you have tried searching our inventory and your part just does not seem to be there, you may still send an RFQ. Our sales team will work hard to source your request, even if the part you are looking for is not listed in our inventory.