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Manufacturers:  cessna aircraft, hawker beechcraft

Commercial Parts | cessna aircraft

Part Unit of Measure History
AN960C16 EA

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Demand History & Availability | Part No. AN960C16

Request Date Solicitation Qty Origin
2009-03-11 150682 4 EA US
2011-06-06 377959 500 EA Spain
2014-07-24 634066 40 EA United States
2019-03-08 877009 220 EA US
Research Date Available Qty Alternate UOM
2019-03-08 40
2019-03-08 1
2019-03-08 6
2019-03-08 1297
2019-03-08 4
2019-03-08 2
2019-03-08 6

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Thank you very much for the excellent service and professional customer care.

Ernie G. Honeywell

The service was excellent. I can think of no improvements to date that you can make regarding internet sales.

John L. Raytheon
General Dynamics

The representative for WBParts was efficient & handled our request in a timely & professional manner.

Karen G. General Dynamics
US Airforce

Tried two other sources, neither of them responded, was all done online, never spoke to anyone.

Rex S. US Airforce

The response is quick and the price is often very good. We are completely satisfied.

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