Below are some of the questions we most often here from our customers and website visitors. If you don't see an answer to your question below please call us at (321) 473-6075 or if you prefer you may send us a message through our contact form.

Website (3)

Our web site offers a free membership and free to use procurement sourcing service.

We work with approximately 2,500 distributors and manufacturers from around the globe. Most of the inventory you see on the site is in the physical possession of our supplier community.

Once you register and login to our site, you can request a quote either for a single part or for many parts. When you perform a search, you will see a link labeled "Request a quote for this part" or a button labeled "Send RFQ". When you click this link, it will add the corresponding part number to your pending RFQ's. You need only send one instance of your part number to the RFQ. Your sales representative will work to get you the best price and delivery based on the criteria sent.

Another way to send part information to your Pending RFQ's area is to enter a part number and quantity into the "Request a Quote" box on the lower right column of any page on the web site. This information will automatically add a line into your pending RFQ. At this point, the RFQ has NOT been sent to our sales team for sourcing. The parts have simply been entered into your "Pending RFQ" area. This allows you to add as many parts to the RFQ as you would like before sending the final RFQ to us. When you are ready to send the RFQ to your sales representative, click on the menu item on the upper left labeled "Pending RFQ's". Here you will have the ability to add target price and purchase timing to your RFQ, as well as remove any unwanted parts. Once you fill in the required information, click the button labeled "Submit RFQ Now", and you are done.

Once submitted, your personal sales representative will receive your request and you will hear back from them shortly. In the meantime, the RFQ information is available to you in the "Submitted RFQ's" area of the web site.

Purchasing (5)

Suppliers ship directly to our Fulfillment/QA center in Florida. In most cases, parts are received in the morning and shipped in the afternoon. Inventories from domestic suppliers are usually delivered in 3 days after we receive your order. International suppliers require 7-10 days.

Our Quality Assurance team carefully inspects the parts received for quality and accuracy per your order. Any discrepancies result in the products being returned to the supplier at no expense to you.

In most instances the manufacturer's warranty is provided. Orders involving overhauled parts, for example, will carry warranties appropriate to the part in question.

Initial orders can be paid for by Credit Card, COD or Wire Transfer. Work with your sales representative, you may be eligible to receive payment terms.

We have a great number of customers ranging from ongoing repeat customers to one-time buyers. Terms can be extended to repeat customers following successful payment history with WBParts.