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FSG Title FSG Notes FSG
aircraft and airframe structural components 15
aircraft components and accessories 16
aircraft launching, landing, and ground handling equipment note-excluded from this group are trucks, tra... 17
alarm, signal and security detection systems 63
bearings note-all bearings, including specially design... 31
communication, detection, and coherent radiation equipment note-excludes oscillator items which should b... 58
containers, packaging, and packing supplies note-a chest, case, box, roll, bag, or other ... 81
electric wire, and power and distribution equipment 61
electrical and electronic equipment components note-mounting hardware, included in classes o... 59
engine accessories note-unless specifically excluded, engine acc... 29
engines, turbines, and components 28
fiber optics materials, components, assemblies, and accessories note- fiber optics is a general term used to ... 60
fire control equipment note-fire control assemblies, subassemblies, ... 12
firefighting, rescue, and safety equipment; and environmental protection equipment and materials 42
furnace, steam plant, and drying equipment; and nuclear reactors 44
ground effect vehicles, motor vehicles, trailers, and cycles 23
hand tools 51
hardware and abrasives 53
historical fsg note-fsg reinstated for file maintenance purp... 21
instruments and laboratory equipment note-infrared assemblies (including sub-assem... 66
lighting fixtures and lamps 62
maintenance and repair shop equipment note-specialized equipment which is designed ... 49
materials handling equipment 39
measuring tools 52
mechanical power transmission equipment 30
pipe, tubing, hose, and fittings 47
prefabricated structures and scaffolding 54
pumps and compressors note-this group excludes pumps and compressor... 43
railway equipment 22
refrigeration, air conditioning, and air circulating equipment 41
rope, cable, chain, and fittings 40
ship and marine equipment 20
ships, small craft, pontoons, and floating docks note-only complete ships, small craft, floati... 19
space vehicles note-this group includes space vehicles, such... 18
tractors note-this group includes only complete tracto... 24
valves note-this group may include specially designe... 48
vehicular equipment components note-the term 'vehicular' as delimited for gr... 25
water purification and sewage treatment equipment 46

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