NSN 1680-01-274-6039 970853-109, 01-274-6039, 970853109

Product Details | DOOR HANDLE

1680-01-274-6039 A device designed to actuate the mechanism of a door latch, either by a turning or pulling of the handle, or by operation of a PUSH BUTTON or trigger, and it may be with or without an escutcheon plate. Exludes items having an integral latch. See also DOORKNOB.20316800049Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories and Components20400030Marine Hardware and Hull Items53400020Hardware, Commercial

Part Alternates: 970853-109, 1680-01-274-6039, 01-274-6039, 1680012746039, 970853109, 012746039

Aircraft Components and Accessories | Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories and Components

Supply Group (FSG) NSN Assign. NIIN
16 11 MAR 1988 01-274-6039

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Restrictions/Controls & Freight Information | NSN 1680-01-274-6039

Category Code Description
Hazardous Material Indicator CodeNThere is no data in the HMIS and the NSN is in an FSC not generally suspected of containing hazardous materials
Demilitarization Code:BMunitions List Item - Mutilation (MUT) to the point of scrap required. (Formerly: Demilitarization not required. Trade Security Controls (TSCs) required at disposition.)
Precious Metals Indicator Code:UPrecious metal type is unknown
Category Code Description
No Freight Information

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