NSN 3040-01-440-9639 1117AS2422, 1117AS242-2, 01-440-9639

Product Details | SHOULDERED SHAFT

3040-01-440-9639 A shaft having two or more different diameters (greater than 0.031 inches (0.79 millimeter)) along its length. It must have one or more of the following conditions: a specified surface finish designation in the range 1 to 125 microinches (0.025 to 3.2 micrometers) arithmetical average (AA), machined peripheral flat(s), circular groove(s), keyway(s), splines, threads, or holes. The ends and/or shoulders may be machined to accommodate bearings, couplings, and the like. It is not designed for use in aligning by fitting into corresponding holes of another item. For items used to support rotating members see AXLE(1), SHOULDERED. For items not having any of the above conditions see PIN, SHOULDER, HEADLESS. Excludes SHAFT(1), STRAIGHT; and AXLE(1), STRAIGHT.

Part Alternates: 1117AS2422, 1117AS242-2, 3040-01-440-9639, 01-440-9639, 3040014409639, 014409639

Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment | Miscellaneous Power Transmission Equipment

Supply Group (FSG) NSN Assign. NIIN
30 01-440-9639

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Demand History | NSN 3040-01-440-9639

Part Number Request Date QTY Origin
3040-01-440-9639 2011-04-04 4 United States
3040-01-440-9639 2010-12-09 12 US
3040-01-440-9639 2009-07-24 4 JP
3040-01-440-9639 2009-07-16 6 US
3040-01-440-9639 2009-07-08 2 UM
3040-01-440-9639 2009-06-10 4 US
3040-01-440-9639 2008-12-05 109 DIBBS
3040-01-440-9639 2008-06-03 41 DIBBS
3040-01-440-9639 2008-05-06 41 DIBBS
3040-01-440-9639 2007-12-03 41 DIBBS
3040-01-440-9639 2007-04-05 41 DIBBS
3040-01-440-9639 2006-06-13 0 DIBBS

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Characteristic Specifications

Restrictions/Controls & Freight Information | NSN 3040-01-440-9639

Category Code Description
Hazardous Material Indicator CodeNThere is no data in the HMIS and the NSN is in an FSC not generally suspected of containing hazardous materials
Category Code Description
No Freight Information

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