NSN 6645-01-144-1300 1026, 01-144-1300, 011441300

Product Details | SEQUENTIAL TIMER

6645-01-144-1300 An item which actuates included electrical contacts and/or switches in an orderly succession, and at a predetermined interval(s) for the purpose of controlling the operation of another electrical device(s). May have provision for manually establishing an operational sequence or cycle. See also RELAY, MOTOR DRIVEN; TIMER, INTERVAL; KEYER (as modified); CHRONOMETER, MAKE-BREAK CIRCUIT and INTERVALOMETER (as modified).

Part Alternates: 1026, 6645-01-144-1300, 01-144-1300, 6645011441300, 011441300

Instruments and Laboratory Equipment | Time Measuring Instruments

Supply Group (FSG) NSN Assign. NIIN
66 14 DEC 1982 01-144-1300

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Restrictions/Controls & Freight Information | NSN 6645-01-144-1300

Category Code Description
Shelf-Life Code:0Nondeteriorative
Hazardous Material Indicator CodeNThere is no data in the HMIS and the NSN is in an FSC not generally suspected of containing hazardous materials
Demilitarization Code:ANon-Munitions List Item/ Non-Strategic List Item - Demilitarization not required.
Controlled Inventory Item Code:UUNCLASSIFIED
Precious Metals Indicator Code:AItem does not contain precious metal
Automatic Data Processing Equipment:0Represents items with no ADP components. NOTE: Codes 1 through 6 are only to be used when the item is Automatic Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) in its entirety and is limited to the type meeting only one of the definitions for codes 1 through 6. (See code 9)
Category Code Description
Less than car load rating
Less than truck load rating P 77.5
Water commodity Code 72D unknown
Originating Activity Code CX Defense Supply Center Richmond
Richmond, VA 23297-5000
Air Dimension Code A Shipment is not a consolidation and does not exceed 72 inches in any dimension.
Air Commodity V Vehicles, machinery, shop and warehouse equipment and supplies, including special tools and equipment, ground servicing and special purpose vehicles, marine equipment and supplies, repair and maintenance parts for the above.
Air Special Handling Z No special handling required.
Special Handling Code 9 unknonwn
Type of Cargo Z No special type of cargo code applicable

Management | NSN 6645-01-144-1300

Category Code Description
Cognizance Codes9BNavy-owned stocks of DLA material
Naval Inventory Control Point, Mechanicsburg
Source of SupplySMSDefense Logistics Agency
Enterprise Business Systems
AgencyDNDepartment of the Navy
Service OrganizationNU.S. Navy
Acquisition Advice CodesJNOT STOCKED, CENTRALLY PROCURED # (NON-STOCKED ITEMS) IMM/Service centrally managed but not stocked item. Procurement will be initiated only after receipt of a requisition.
Controlled Item CodeUUNCLASSIFIED
Shelf Life Code0Nondeteriorative
Purchasing QTY
EA : Each

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